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The awkward, painful, countless silences of those who did not know what to do with themselves without the winking emoji. Before contraception was widely available, the act of sex was perceived as a reliable indicator of (if not a direct path to) your place in the social order.

Indeed, society itself didn’t tell us what to do with ourselves or each other after the most major development in sexual technology, contraception, completely altered how we relate to one another.

But the wide accessibility of contraception today plus increasingly accepting attitudes towards sex, as well as the accessibility of sexually-oriented media and technology, are allowing us to explore sexuality in an entirely new way.

However, this technology still exists within a society where sexism, rape culture and sexual shaming still exist, and woman must navigate the dichotomy between technological progress and social realties.

(Well, those men in particular, but generally ours.) Though technology has advanced and the internet offers us a smorgasbord of mediums through which to meet people to date, to find love or to have one-night-stands, the platforms don’t teach us anything about romance, love or sex.

Sex was more likely to lead to pregnancy, which meant – if not intimacy and love – at least commitment.

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