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Finally, I came across a photo I could connect with. That meant he'd seen my photos, too, and he was intrigued.After mindlessly left-swiping through hundreds of mundane Tinder images (a left-swipe means, "Nope, I'm not interested"), I stopped at a photo of a guy standing on the seventh tee at Pebble Beach. I messaged him first: "Seventh tee at Pebble Beach!

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I now tell all my single golfing friends to look up the website. What's more, the site is easy to use, simple to navigate and in comparison to other dating websites is excellent value for money." Another member that is over the moon at meeting her new partner via TEE fore TWO is Annie Matthews*: "Originally I took up golf to improve my social life and then I heard about TEE fore TWO from a friend and liked the sound of it.

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One TEE fore TWO success story is writer Nick Wigzell, who was looking for someone in the Somerset area where he lives until he met Kent-based Julie Allen by chance when he put a message on the TEE fore TWO noticeboard asking if anyone could recommend a golf travel bag, to which Julie replied.

From there, an email conversation developed and then some online flirting which led to a meeting one Sunday, followed by four or five rounds of golf.