Updating datagrid asp net

I'm still having a few problems with the INet transfer control - using it to transfer files via FTP, it seems to hang for a minut or so every now and then. By: nfordatfph Date: 2010-02-09 Thanks for the tip on fixing slugishness. I have a problem with large forms in the IDE in Win7.

FWIW - using manifest files (as in XP) works in Windows 7 - giving the app the windows 7 look. Peter By: badbrad Date: 2009-11-20 Missed one thing.... It gets to something like 1000x800 and won't let me drag it any bigger.

Couple of years ago I worked out my first solution for checkbox list in ASP. Today I got some markable simplifications done and my solution is close to state where some nice-to-have tweaks can be done to add more automatics to controller side but solution is also good enough how it is like now.

Let’s see how to get checkbox list functionality done with couple of simple steps.

You may be wondering why someone would want to utilize VB6 on a shiny new operating system like Windows 7. There are about a bazillion legacy applications out there that have to be supported, and people like me who speak VB6 need to have the tools installed on our workstations in order to implement and test updates and such for these legacy applications.

I have a a group by and I wanna do a difference between two dates and the result be added to the final sum, but I keep getting the Error that can't convert from timespan to Long. So I have a list of an object using an unconventional name for EF, and within that object I am defining a reference to the upper level object that holds the list. I have a Many to Many relationship defined between my custom class (Department) and my User class based on Identity 2 defined as below. I have a company with an id, the company can have many users, and users can have one ...The basic idea behind this article is to workout with ASP. Though I had faced lot of difficulties in this but still I can say it is far better then ASP. Grid View control gives you Edit, Update, Delete, Sorting, Selection and Paging facility built in.Net 2.0's Grid View Control than the Data Grid Control in ASP. As I had worked with Data Grid Control so I knew how difficult to work with it in same project. The main difference between Data Grid and Grid View control is that the first one has central event handling which means any event raised by control inside the Data Grid's template column will be handled by Item Command event of datagrid.Before we implement full checkbox list functionality we need some preparations.My solution is not ideally generic and it has some requirements to avoid complex logic that involves reflection and smart code-level decisions.