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Ginger had already appeared in some advertising films, and when Lela returned to Kansas as reporter and theatre critic for the Kansas City Post, she made sure her offspring met performers who were appearing in the city.Lela has often been described as the archetypal show-business mother, and Ginger herself always credited her with a major share of responsibility for her later success.W9DXX, Alice Bourke, Chicago, IL ca.1935 - from Frank C. This interesting photo shows a very early HRO receiver with a PEAK Pre-selector to the left and a 1934 AGS-X receiver to the right.Alice Bourke was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune along with being very active in ham radio.RCA's AR-88 planning may have chronologically followed their AR-77 ham receiver but the AR-88 owes much of its design concept as a replacement for RCA's aging commercial-military receiver, the AR-60.The AR-60 had been introduced in 1935 and was still being built as late as 1940.The HRO main tuning dial was unlike any other - a non-illuminated micrometer device that displayed numbers behind small openings as the dial was rotated.

Design stages probably date from as early as 1939 and the demands of WWII in Europe pushed RCA into having the AR-88 ready by early 1941.When things start to go against her she can lose her poise and get flustered.To be a champion you have to know how to handle adversity and get through periods when things are going against you.Kerber is through to the fourth round thanks to her victory over Shelby Rogers, but there were times when the American was hitting her off the court.Kerber’s second serve is a particular weakness and one which all her opponents can target.