Consolidating to gmail

Open Outlook, click File Choose the appropriate comma-separated-value option and click Next again.Click the Browse button, navigate to and select the file you just created, pick one of the options regarding duplicate entries (the default is "Allow duplicates to be created"), and click Next again.Adjust your preferences on the Options and Syncing screens that follow, then click Next to complete the setup. You can access your email on your Android device using the Android email reader, as follows.On your device, tap the Email app, then tap Add account. Leave the Domain field blank and in the Username field, enter your email address, enter your Password, and for the Server name, enter s. com email by logging into on your Android phone’s internet browser.Outlook will automatically detect your Gmail account and set up the proper account settings. (If you have Gmail’s two-step verification security enabled, Google will send a six-digit code to your Gmail account and display an Enter code text box.You will need to sign in to your Gmail account to retrieve the code and enter it correctly to verify your identity.) If you prefer to set up your Gmail account manually, the Incoming mail server is, and the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is smtp.

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Note that the steps I list here will work with any service, not just, although you'll have to dig around to find the corresponding settings for other services. You can use a generic address if you want simplicity.Reading on Android Q: Can I read my email on my Android phone? A: There are three approaches to reading your email on an Android device: from the Outlook app, from the Gmail app, or via a browser. To use on your Android phone (or tablet), download the free Outlook app by launching Google Play (Google’s app store) and searching for Follow the instructions for installing the app by clicking Install, Accept; then enter your email address and password, and tap Next.On the Gmail Contacts page, click Export in the top right, choose to export just your contacts or your contacts and Gmail's suggested contacts, select "Outlook's CSV format (for importing into Outlook or other applications)," and click the Export button. Select the Save File button (it's chosen by default) and click OK.The list will be saved in your Downloads folder (or whichever folder you've picked as your default).