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Planning the position and number of implants is key to the long-term health of the prosthetic since biomechanical forces created during chewing can be significant.

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They simply fill a small dish full of bleach and warm water drop their teeth in and go off to sleep letting the bleach whiten their dentures overnight while they sleep.I've been wearing removable partial dentures for the last twenty years, the plastic “flipper type.” My dentist tells me that the denture is loose and it's affecting the health of my teeth and gums. While removable partial dentures (RPDs) are certainly an alternative, the plastic type are generally more appropriately named temporary or transitional RPDs and they are certainly not the best design for long term use.The name “flipper” comes from the tongue's ability to flip them out or move them around.While dentures do get stained by the same things that stain natural teeth including coffee, tea, tobacco, certain foods and wines they are also much easier to clean since you can remove them from your mouth do whiten them.In most cases, you can use the same whitening gels that come in those whitening kits to whiten your dentures or false teeth.