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Every week, our Tekspert answers one question about digital technology. When you’re browsing the internet, you’ve probably come across the annoying phenomenon known as “pop-ups,” those boxes or windows of text and images that literally pop up over the webpage you’re reading.Pop-ups can be third-party advertising messages or messages from the website itself.This photo, included in a report from the Michigan State University Police Department, shows the car used to pick up a 14-year-old girl in Mason and transport her to Spartan Village, where nude photos were taken from her and she was advertised for sex online.

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Johns come from urban Detroit but also rural Clinton County.Recorded over the space of ten days in Penner’s hand built wooden shack in the back of beyond is a rough hewn blast of folk, blues, Gospel and vintage rock’n’roll tempered with layers of electronic wizardry provided by sidekick Jon Wood.Pictured on the artwork, Penner and Wood are briefly glimpsed within their wooden cathedral of sound, tall pines looming on either side, a line of fairy lights offering some respite from the arboreal gloom; there’s no sight of a cauldron but they have whisked up a potent brew.In Safari (Apple’s browser) Apple makes it easy to stop pop-ups: 1. After You Block Pop-Ups Sometimes after you’ve blocked pop-ups, you’ll see a bar in the top right of your browser screen telling you that a pop-up is trying to open.Often, this is because you’ve landed on a webpage where the pop-up is an integral part of the site experience; for example, you might be on a shopping site, and the pop-up might be a detail view of the item you’re looking at.