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Musicians may perform their own original compositions or they may be a tribute band playing familiar songs.And if you're one of those who must be on stage, you can even find karaoke nights happening around the area where you can belt out your favorite tunes.

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Enjoy some local, coastal-influenced music as you overlook the ocean while sipping a beverage or tasting a restaurant’s specialty dish.The English Roanoke Colony—where Virginia Dare was born—vanished from Roanoke Island in 1587.The Lost Colony, written and performed to commemorate the original colonists, is the second longest running outdoor drama in the United States and its theater acts as a cultural focal point for much of the Outer Banks.However, there are still a variety of options available, ranging from locally run camp grounds, to quiet, off-the-map bed and breakfasts, and even occasional vacation rental homes" in the heart of the village, or bordering the wild soundfront.For Outer Banks lovers who want to get back to nature, Wanchese may be an ideal locale to completely escape from the rest of the world.