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This could be due to the cost of the machine, training, or not knowing if the product is feasible.By gaining access to this technology it will spur on innovation through individuals and other small businesses, create an interest in advanced manufacturing, give artisans the tools they need to design and create, and development a labor force for the surrounding businesses.Our Aim is to supply the latest Pure Road Racing news as quickly as possible to all enthusiast of the best sport in the world.Your fantastic support and following is why we do this! Create SMART goals, arrange them by categories, add tasks and keep a log of your journey.And if you want to, you can even post them to Facebook for extra cheer.

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It was a steep learning curve for me in 2016 and I am looking forward to build upon that.Danny Webb has re signed for Penz 13BMW, as he embarks upon his second successive roads season, with Rico Penzkofer’s outfit.Last year saw Danny produce arguably his best form to date on the roads.This is definitely the event to get your spring off to the right start and test your endurance after a long winter’s break!This downhill course is perfect for the rookie or the seasoned veteran, so be a part of this year’s race and earn yourself a blazing fast PR!