Who is dating derek hough

the list of broken relationships just keeps getting longer.

The, in July 2012, The National Enquirer reported that Hough was caught in a well-known gay club in Salt Lake City wearing shiny silver pants and shaking his backside for all to see. Hough and Ballas grew up together, dancing under the coaching of Ballas’ father, pro dancer Corky Ballas.

The master bathroom even contains his and his sinks.

In their People cover story, super-close star siblings Derek and Julianne Hough open up about their parents’ “difficult” divorce— and now Radar can reveal exclusive details about the devastating split.So when the two bought a home together in the Hollywood Hills in February, those rumors spread like wildfire, leaving many to believe the two were taking the next natural step in their relationship.While the two have consistently had short-term relationships with women and have both denied being gay, it’s still difficult to completely dismiss the possibility that these two share more than a dance floor.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Derek Hough “Whenever I dance out in public or I’m dancing out and about, at a wedding or something, I don’t dance seriously… When I dance to music [in public], I try to dance off the beat.It’s not pleasant,” Derek revealed before giving the audience a demonstration of his hilarious “bad” dancing.