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The West Campus Ensemble is led by band teacher John Ousley with assistance from Noah Clark, Joseph Baldridge-Drill and Tom Reilly and help from parents Maria Sullivan, Lou and Sandy Correia and Noly Batalla.

The band includes 16 students who dedicated numerous hours of practice after school and on Saturdays: Erika Trujillo, Dalanna Turner, Karina Alavez, Stephen Hannigan, Matt Amato, Maria Angel, Jackie Arguello, Josh Batalla, Gary Correia, Simon Cox, Landon Gonzales, Nancy Huynh, Thomas Le, My Nguyen, John Sullivan and Ev Vasquez.

The hot tub is really cosy, people love to rest in it after a hard working day. Linen and towels can be provided for an extra ISK 2500 per person.

A very nice location with snow coverered mountains all around. The only way to cook was two electric hobs that I'm sorry to say did not work very well.

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2 James Pyne {Pine) of Hempstead, Long Island, [Jan., 1640 the name disappears from the town records of Woodbury almost simultaneously with its appearance at Stamford, Con- necticut.

An Of- ficial Announcement, 201 Early New York Church Records, 287 Early Records of Salem, Washington County, N. Registration of Pedigrees {continued) Schuyler — Hopper Striker Mott, '95 Strycker — Hopper Striker Mott, 196 Symonds — Mary Louise (Dicker- man) Woodin, 96 Thacher — Alexander James Perry, 296 Tuttle — George Tuttle Brokaw, 97 Ufford (Uffoot)— J ohn Reynolds Totten, 299 Vail— George Tuttle Brokaw, 99 Van Wyck — William Edward Van Wyck, 100 Walker — William Isaac Walker, 190 Williams — John Jabez Williams, 292 Wilson — Horatio Nelson Spencer, 199 Woodward— Mary Nicoll (Wood- ward) Putnam, 192 Richmond Query, 304 Ruff Query, 303 Seely Query, 102 Sherman, William Watts, Biographi- cal Sketch, 309 Society Proceedings, 101, 202, 302 Swan Query, 102 Taylor Query, 303 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy, 36, 165, 249. Mary Magdalen, Taunton, an adjoining town in Somersetshire, in Sept., 1630.* This James Pyne continued to live in Wood- bury until 1640, when his mother Mary died, appointing him as her executor.

Y., 105 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America, 405 The Farmer Boy who became a Bishop: The autobiography of the Right Reverend Anson Rogers Graves, S. L., 113 Doty, Ethan Allen, 273,312,399 Greene, Richard Henry, 109,309 Griffin, Walter Kenneth, 201 Hutchinson, J. Henry, 67 Mc Cartney, Katharine Searle, 61 Orra Eugene Monnette, 388 Pine, John B., 1 Robbins, William A., 73, 127, 211, 373 Savary, A. A., 115 Totten, John R., 36, 165, 249, 325 Vosburgh, Royden W., 287 Wright, Tobias A., 209 Cook Query, 303 Copy of Family Record of the Elias Mulford and Elizabeth Gar- diner Families and Descen- dants, 61 Corrections, 303 Davis Query, 102 Dennis Query, 102 Descendants of Edward Tre(a)d\vell through his son John, 73, 127, 211,373 Early New York Churches. The Wan- derings of a New York Family, "3 Genealogical Records — Doughty Family, 273,312 Hunt Family, 115 Pyne (Pine) Family, 1 Ramsey Ancestry, 388 Thacher-Thatcher Family,36, 165, 249.325 Tre(a)dwell Family, 73, 127, 211, 373 Gilbert Query, 102 Greenfield Query, 102 Green Query, 304 Griffin, Walter Kenneth, B. Davenport Coat-af-Arms, 189 Fac-simile copy of the original subscription paper for building the first church at Salem, N. This town was called New Perth until after the War of the Revo- lution, 8 Parish House of Upton Pyne, the Tower of which was built by Sir Herbert de Pyne about 1720, 1 Symonds Coat-of-Arms, 293 Sandys (Sands) Coat-of-Arms, 289 James Pyne (Pine) of Hempstead, Long Island, and some of his Descendants, 1 Jones Query, 304 Leavitt Query, 102 Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Hunt, the Loyalist, his Ancestry and Descendants, 115 Merritt Query, 304 Montgomery Query, 303 Officers, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 108 Ogden Query, 102 Portraits — Hurry, Edmund Abdy, 209 Sherman, William Watts, 309 Weatherbee, Edwin Henry, 109 Queries, 102, 303 Ramsey Ancestry of Ensign William Ramsey, 388 Rapalje Query, 303 Records — I Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Machackemeck (Deerpark), 12, 141, 225, 249 Early New York Church Records, 287 Family Record of the Elias Mum- ford and Elizabeth Gardiner Families and Descendants, 61 Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Machackemeck (Deerpark), 12, 141, 225, 349 Registration of Pedigrees — Allerton — William Isaac Walker, 294 Armstrong — William Clinton Armstrong, 200 Broucard (Brokaw) — George Tuttle Brokaw, 98 Coles — Hopper Striker Mott, 197 Davenport — W i 1 1 i a m Isaac Walker, 189 Dudley — Winchester Fitch, 94 Durant — William Durant, 289 Fauconnier — William Henry Fal- coner, 89 Fitch — Winchester Fitch, 92 Gooking — John Reynolds Totten, 297 Gould — George Tuttle Brokaw, 98 Greenleaf — John Reynolds Totten, 300 Hance— Carolyn Gilpin Rush, 90 Hoppe — Hopper Striker Mott, 195 King — George Austin Morrison, Jr., 295 Livingston — Henry Pierson Gib- son, 91 Lockwood — W i 1 1 i a m Isaac W 7 alker, 191 Lyddall — J o s e p h i n e (Adams) Perry, 194 Manning — Winchester Fitch, 93 Mott — Hopper Striker Mott, 198 Mumford — John Reynolds Totten, 209 Palmer — Ann Elizabeth (Martin) Hoerner, 193 Perry— Alexander James Perry, 296 Plympton — Gilbert Motier Plymp- ton, 89 Pryer (Pryoeur)— Charles Pryer, 289 Ruggles — Henry Stoddard Rug- gles, 290 Sandys (Sands) — James Thomas Sands, 293 Index of Subjects . He does not seem to have been of this " companie " but to have followed them very soon, as he received an allotment from the town of the usual house lot and wood lot, Dec. When he came to Massachusetts Bay, or by what vessel is not known, nor is anything known definitely as to his ancestry, but there has long been a tradition among his descendants that he came from Devonshire, which, according to Sir William Pole, who wrote in 1590, had been "the long contynewed Dwellinge of the Family of Pyne." It seems very probable that he was the James Pyne, son of William and Mary Pyne, who was baptized in Woodbury, near Exeter, Devonshire, England, on June 4, 1608, and who married Edith Williams in St. No records of births, baptisms, marriages or deaths were kept by the churches; at least the writer has been unable to discover any such records covering the first hundred years of the churches' existence there.

There lay old Þorgeir, thoughtfully charting our change of religion.

There strode Gissur and Geir, Gunnar and Héðinn and Njáll.