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"She'll say she wants to use the toilet to get out of something, like bedtime." "I did that," adds Samberg.

"All the way through high school." It's been more than a decade since the three friends from the Bay Area moved to Hollywood after college to share a bachelor apartment.

If The Lonely Island were N’Sync, Andy Samberg would be the collaborator Justin Timberlake of the group: the handsome, charismatic frontman who gets most of the attention.

But his longtime partners Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone haven’t exactly suffered silently on the sidelines.

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You both had been directing other movies and you’d been acting in other things, including .

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Samberg and Taccone are in from New York while Schaffer, the only L. helping his wife with their newborn and their selectively potty-trained two-year-old.That’s what makes this one very unique for us, and exciting. Had you been accumulating ideas over the last few years, and was this something that came to you a long time ago and you’ve written down ideas as they came? Samberg: The premise and the format was something we’d been talking about for a few years, and then Akiva had a meeting with Judd Apatow who had a similar idea—he pitched it to Akiva basically: “I think it would be cool if you did something like this,” and Akiva was like, “That’s the idea we’ve been talking about,” so Judd said, “If you write it, I’ll produce it.” So, we started writing it.Or was it literally sitting down one day and saying, “Let’s do this”? Schaffer: Yeah, that’s when it switched to the second half of what you said, the moment of like, “Oh, let’s do it right now” and that’s when we had to cancel other things that we had percolating, other movie ideas, and go, “Let’s act like this is happening and start writing.” That was about two and a half years ago.Schaffer: Yeah, I just watched the new Michael Jackson one. They’re always interesting because even if you know the music, there’s always something juicy or “I didn’t know that these guys never talked to each other for five years while they were a band.” Samberg: I watched the Eagles one and the... Taccone: We’ve always wanted to make features together.That was one of our main goals when we first met up after college, our goal was to try to make features together, and it was to go to LA and start working together. we’ve all worked [on movies] in various ways, but this was the first thing we’ve done from the ground up where from the very beginning of a concept, just written it and then seen it through the whole way. Schaffer: Yeah, I would, but it still has DNA in it from somebody else whereas this is the first thing we’ve done which is purely us, which is nice and exciting.